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Architecture and Heritage photographer

I believe that an architecture photographer should approach their work like a narrator, going beyond the factual photographic report.

 Archives of Isère (France)

Help understand the narrative of the project by bringing into play the different constructed parts, the articulation and quality of spaces. Relate the pathway as a project sequence, from public areas to domestic spaces, a form of decompression, a breath…

Reveal furtive views, blind spots, hidden visible aspects. Offer a different outlook, another reading, through overlaying, telescoping of the different planes. Question the building. Appropriate the detail to understand the place and what escapes us in an excessively general vision.

Embedded hardware

ALPA Swiss Camera – Mamiya Leaf Digital Back – ALPA/Rodenstock lenses Made in Switzerland.

Medium format Alpa Swiss rigid compact camera body. The ALPA 12 SWA (Shift Wide Angle) was the first model in the ALPA 12 medium format camera series. The ALPA 12 SWA represents an interesting option in particular for architectural: shift (perspective correction) is integrated into the camera – in the most frequently used direction of vertically upward. This allows to achieve our design goals of reliability, precision, versatility and simplicity in equal measure.

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