Sur l'autre versant

«I take photos as others write, so as not to forget. A utopian dream?
A world fantasised as it should be?

Travel, an escape from everyday life, our certainties, noise, to find elsewhere what we cannot find at home, a search for our inner self, for meaning…

Giving in to travel means giving in to life, in a possible elsewhere, living a thousand lives… taking the risk of false-stepping our existence, losing our references and leaving a part of us behind… while realising that the more we advance, the less we know.

My photos are those of a traveller who is free to travel a tiny part of the world… Intimate photos, revealing a perception of things, bearing witness to the present moment, encounters, the «something else» that enriches these people… before it is too late. A look at the world in its pristine state, with a beauty that pierces us to the core… photos with an aesthetic yet meaningful beauty.»

«Wisdom is to have dreams that are big enough you don’t lose sight of them while pursuing them». Oscar Wilde

Past events


Photo show / Lyon / Ecully
Landscapes and portraits / Equestrian games nomadic (Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan)

50 pictures exhibited – format: 60 x 40 cm to 120 x 80 cm


Exhibition in the main lobby of Eurexpo (Lyon) of a selection of 8 photographic prints in preview of EXPO “NOMADIC”.