Sur l'autre versant

Walls of New-York

Architecture photographer

I believe that an architecture photographer should approach their work like a narrator, going beyond the factual photographic report.

Help understand the narrative of the project by bringing into play the different constructed parts, the articulation and quality of spaces. Relate the pathway as a project sequence, from public areas to domestic spaces, a form of decompression, a breath…

Reveal furtive views, blind spots, hidden visible aspects. Offer a different outlook, another reading, through overlaying, telescoping of the different planes. Question the building. Appropriate the detail to understand the place and what escapes us in an excessively general vision.

Photo reporting

The working relationship with the project architect is a constant and key issue in my work. For each photo report, whether in an urban, suburban or rural context, I take a close look at the specifications to offer a coherent view of the functional architectural intention.

The choice of angles and details to be highlighted is based on the reading of building plans, competition perspectives and the choice of materials; during a site visit with the project architect prior to the report for large operations.

Because I photograph light, I often ask for access to the site webcam or to be sent photos taken at different times of the day.

Open licence

Use these pictures when you need them, at no extra cost and no need to ask for additional copyright.

Do you want to use my photos to present an architectural award, publish in magazine or newspaper? That’s fine!

Illustrate a blog or website, without asking for additional permission? Even better!

Because the future belongs to online architectural media and because these images are made to be seen in shared information areas.

My report photos, unless stated otherwise, have an open licence. In most situations, you do not have to pay copyright. I only ask that you cite the author and show the copyright.