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Exhibition ‘nomadic’

Landscapes and portraits of Central Asia / Nomadic equestrian games

Exhibition ‘nomadic’ philippe-roguet-pho

The exhibition ‘Nomades’ presents fifty photographs took in Central Asia, including a series based on a photo report on the first nomadic equestrian games in Kyrgyzstan with riders from Kok Boru (Afghan Buzkashi).

Exhibition ‘nomadic’ first part
Landscapes and portraits / central Asia

This exhibition is composed like a travel log and, in its first part, presents a selection of photographs taken in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.


Exhibition ‘nomadic’

Kyrgyzstan – photographic notebooks

Exhibition ‘nomadic’ second part
Nomadic equestrian games / Kyrgyzstan

The second part of the exhibition presents a selection of photos taken from a report on the first «nomadic games» which took place in Kyrgyzstan. The «nomadic» equivalent of our Olympic Games, these games brought together, for the first time, all the countries of Central Asia, with the aim of promoting the history of nomadic nations, their traditions, their way of life and their culture.


Exhibition ‘nomadic’

Nomadic equestrian games

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