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Rout Lëns - Luxembourg
A Story of photographic testimony

Esch sur Alzette – Luxembourg – IKO Real Estate

Rout lëns Luxembourg © Philippe Roguet Photographe

To the south-west of Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), between the city center, the railway line and the French border, the iron and steel wasteland “Lentille Terres-Rouges” has started its conversion into a new sustainable district, innovative and exemplary.

Rout lëns Luxembourg © Philippe Roguet Photographe

On this 10-year project, the IKO Group entrusted me with the mission of photographic testimony on the urban transformation of this industrial environment, with the emergence of a new living district and the rehabilitation of industrial buildings, listed as part of the heritage of the Luxembourg towards cultural and leisure spaces.

A work of testimony carried out with a medium photographic chamber Alpa.

This iconographic work is carried out in the medium format camera for an immersive photography, in the precision of the details and the rendering of the material; this in view of future exhibitions and the publication of dedicated books. Witnessing the history of a place and what we experienced the men who worked there, gives us the feeling of belonging to this history …

Selection of Photographs – Rout Lëns exhibition

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