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Forests and Souls photographs

“This was the order of human institutions: first, the forests, after that the huts, then the villages, next the cities, and finally the academies.”

Giambattista Vico, considered the first philosopher of history, wrote in the early decades of the eighteenth century.

Forest_series_theComb_2-16-23 — Pigmentaire print 110 x 112 (lxh cm.)

Forests and Souls photographs – first series

Yes, other existing dimensions, like those that give rise to these images.
They stand between true reality and an emerging dream, the light that is sought there, found comes, becomes, immersed in my elementary and so complex definition.

Take Time for Photography

" The choice of shooting equipment involves a slow and deliberate process, taking a step back and imposing a discipline of perception. It means moving away from the daily rush to embrace slowness and deliberation. It is in this perspective that I find the freedom to compose thoughtful images that enrich our understanding of constructed space."


Embedded hardware

Medium format Alpa Swiss rigid compact camera body. The ALPA 12 SWA (Shift Wide Angle) was the first model in the ALPA 12 medium format camera series … know more

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